Capturing Santiago's pop-up dinner scene with La Cena Inolvidable / by Chris Tyre

First and foremost, I love food. When I'm not eating it, I love looking at it, whether it's looking inside restaurant windows or scrolling through my Instagram feed. So when there's an opportunity to capture a secret dinner event, I'm on it! Here is Santiago's new pop up dinner crew La Cena Inolvidable's first event of 2017 at Casa Alma. As told through my lens...

What came first: the egg or the chicken?

This time the La Cena dinner was made with eggs and chickens from a local free range farm! The girls created a starter and a dessert with the colorful eggs and all other courses were based on everything from the chicken. It created a three variations of chicken menu! Of course, seasonal fruit, vegetables, and herbs were used. Everything was sweetened a bit with Santiago bees' honey and well balanced pinot noir from Elqui Wines to complete a total Chilean farm to table menu at Casa Alma! – Katha, La Cena Inolvidable