Dubai – Why it’s ideal for the hipster-at-heart travel junkie! by Chris Tyre

Dubai is the best travel destination for people of all kinds, especially all hipsters-at-heart. Trendy. Glitzy. Fashionable. Guest blogger Neha Singh of Dubai Wikia shares her local insight on hip things to do in the city where everything is bigger and better.

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3 Must-Try Restaurants of the 3 Most Visited Cities in India by Chris Tyre

India has been a long time item on my bucket list. While I hope to make it there soon, the fact is it hasn't happened yet. But foodie travelers headed to India soon, you are in luck! I connected with my friend Rohit, an Indian travel writer who posts regularly on Trans India Travels, and asked him to share his three must-try restaurants in the three most visited cities in India: Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Read on for what he has to say in his local guide to eating in India!

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Feel like a celebrity travel couple in Chicago by Chris Tyre

Let's get real. It's a pain in the butt to carry your camera everywhere or hand your phone to random street person in a neighborhood that you don't know to take your photo. Make it easy on yourself and hire Nomad and Camera to do this. Traveling is about enjoying the moment with your boo without worries. Here's how it works...

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