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Dubai – Why it’s ideal for the hipster-at-heart travel junkie! by Chris Tyre

Dubai is the best travel destination for people of all kinds, especially all hipsters-at-heart. Trendy. Glitzy. Fashionable. Guest blogger Neha Singh of Dubai Wikia shares her local insight on hip things to do in the city where everything is bigger and better.

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3 Must-Try Restaurants of the 3 Most Visited Cities in India by Chris Tyre

India has been a long time item on my bucket list. While I hope to make it there soon, the fact is it hasn't happened yet. But foodie travelers headed to India soon, you are in luck! I connected with my friend Rohit, an Indian travel writer who posts regularly on Trans India Travels, and asked him to share his three must-try restaurants in the three most visited cities in India: Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Read on for what he has to say in his local guide to eating in India!

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Behind the Postcards with Sasha Cagen by Chris Tyre

I really do meet some amazing people on my travels and Sasha Cagen is one of them. We met at a cafe in Buenos Aires. She's the author of Quirkyalone and owner of Tango Adventure. We discussed life as a non-Millennial digital nomad, being a women's life coach, and how to get a tang-asm! I also asked her why she chose South America over San Francisco.

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