Intro / by Chris Tyre

Photo credit: Ismary Torres

Photo credit: Ismary Torres

One man. One camera. one mission.

And several chai tea lattes (with soy) later and now I have a travel blog! My name is Chris and I'm a global nomad that specializes in travel and lifestyle photography. I was born and raised in Chicago, but call home wherever my camera, laptop, and toothbrush are.

I'll back up a little bit. In 4th grade I sat in the far corner of the classroom next to a map of the United States and a globe. I would just stare at city names and wonder what Tennessee looked like or what life was like in the Congo. Clearly, this was before I could Google Image these things. Then years later Wikipedia came out and I could easily read about random islands in the Pacific with populations under a thousand which only caffeinated my curiosity about the world even more. 

Fast forward to age 23 and I landed a "normal", career-type job in marketing. The ol' 9 to 5. (Although mine was more 7am to 4pm.) Anyway, I had many amazing opportunities with that company and had a pretty awesome position, and nearly four years later blah blah blah... I needed a change. I needed to travel.

I left Chicago in November 2013 on a one way ticket to Australia. One backpack. One camera bag. No job lined up. A laughable savings account. BUT lots of optimism and a winning smile. Those things count for something, right?

Well, it's nearly two year later and I have been to 15 countries since. Still living and not in credit card debt. My mission with this blog is simple. It's to show how travel can be accessible, affordable, and even sustainable. I'll share my tips, travel hacks, and experiences with you. Both good and bad. (Oh, and share my photography.)

If you're looking to learn more about traveling, I invite you to join me on this journey. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Cheers!