3 Must-Try Restaurants of the 3 Most Visited Cities in India / by Chris Tyre

India has been a long time bucket list item. While I hope to make it there soon, the fact is it hasn't happened yet. But foodie travelers headed to India, you are in luck! I connected with my friend Rohit, an Indian travel writer who posts regularly on Trans India Travels, and asked him to share his three must-try restaurants of the three most visited cities in India: Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Read on for what he has to say in his local guide to eating in India!

India is famous for its culture, people and food. Food being one of the most significant factors of identifying what a vibrant nation India is. There’s a lot of expectation from the varied cuisine of India. If you’re a big foodie, you’d be open to trying as many new flavours of India as possible. Although the visiting local homes of Indians could be the best way of doing that, usually you’ve got to rely on the restaurants. India’s most visited cities aren’t popular just because of their tourist attractions. The food plays a very important part. So, let’s check out some of the best restaurants in three of India’s most visited cities.


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1. Bukhara
Dive headfirst into this antique looking, bare wooded and clay tiled restaurant located in ITC Maurya hotel to see what a regal dining experience feels like. Kebabs, grills and marinated meat cooked to perfection on a traditional tandoor will give your taste-buds the most delightfully spicy time ever. Bukhara’s specialty is the delicious dal of black lentil and tomato that is simmered and boiled for 24 hours before serving, which gives it such a tangy edge that you’ll remember its taste for days to come.

2. Karim’s
Delhi’s favourite ever restaurant is the Mughal cuisine king known as Karim’s. For years now the locals have only had good things to say about it, and the lip-smacking delicacies served at Karim’s will prove it just right. Though it has a few branches across Delhi, the oldest, one-hundred-year-old restaurant located close to the Jama Masjid continues to attract people until today. The specialty of Karim’s is its unbelievably delicious Tandoori chicken which is a must-try for every visitor.

3. Moti Mahal
One of Delhi’s oldest restaurants is Daryaganj’s Moti Mahal, which is well-known for its international as well as authentic Indian cuisine. With a history of being built after the time of the Partition in India, Moti Mahal has quite an allure associated to it. Moti Mahal’s distinguishing factor is its invention of the world-famous butter-chicken and dal makhani, which is possibly the best you can get anywhere in the world. The tandoori dishes of Moti Mahal are unparalleled, and since the one in Daryaganj is immensely popular, you just can’t avoid paying a visit.


Photo  by Ming-yen Hsu,  CC BY-ND 2.0

Photo by Ming-yen Hsu, CC BY-ND 2.0

1. Grasshopper
Situated beautifully within the farm of fashion designers Himanshi Dimri and Sonali Sattar, Grasshopper is a quaint restaurant that offers a retreat from the noisy atmosphere of Bangalore. Locals as well as travellers love this quiet gem. Live music, a serene garden, wine and delicious servings make Grasshopper a natural yet indulgent place in Bangalore. The menu spans seven-courses, which is certainly reason enough to sit back and sip your wine while listening to the tranquil music and the chirps of garden creatures surrounding you and your companions. 

2. Zaitoon
Popular among college-goers, Zaitoon is located on the Old Airport Road. Zaitoon’s speciality is that of authentic Arabian cuisine alongside Indian and Chinese food to tempt your taste buds. With an attractive interior that speaks elegant in every corner, coupled with a menu that looks delicious and won’t burn a hole in your wallet, Zaitoon has a variety of options to choose from. Look out for dinners at Zaitoon since they’re far more preferred among the locals.

3. Persian Terrace
If you’ve ever fancied an open-air dinner with your friends or family, Persian Terrace at the Sheraton Hotel will be perfect for that. Not only do you get the feeling of being in the Middle-East with the traditional lanterns and candles, you are able to enjoy the imaginably appetising Iranian meals. It feels like you’ve been whisked away into Arabia as you breathe in the scrumptious kebabs cooked in a steaming hot tandoor along with pilafs. The food is served on mezze platters, which makes it even more delightful an experience.


Photo  by Arian Zwegers,  CC BY 2.0

Photo by Arian Zwegers, CC BY 2.0

1. The Table
One of Mumbai’s most revered restaurants is The Table situated in Hotel Suba Palace. Voted as one of Asia’s 500 best restaurants, The Table offers international cuisine with the combination of soft jazz music and brilliant cocktails. Sit comfortably in the lush velvet chairs and enjoy the delicious meals of quesadillas, risottos, lobster sliders, and numerous other tasty as well as mouth-watering looking delicacies. The famed chef, Alex Sanchez, concocts some of the best dishes, bringing out the amazing flavours of nearly everything presented to the guests.

2. Shalimar
Perfection is personified in the most appealing of ways at Shalimar. With delicacies like Chicken Lucknowi, Mutton Tandoori Chap and others, Shalimar is a prideful restaurant in Mumbai that is frequented by locals all the time (and a lucky few travellers).

3. Ayub’s
Scrumptious kebabs and mouth-watering spices are the identifying feature of Ayub’s, situated comfortably on Dr. VB Gandhi Marg. It is undersized and cosy with just the right number of late-night visitors who can’t get enough of the kebabs, rolls and snacks of various kinds. You can give yourself a budget treat with these amazing middle-eastern dishes and at the same time enjoy the great ambience of Ayub’s.

Dining will always remain a priority to tourists, but if you’re an enthusiastic food blogger, it’s a matter of pride. So why not have the best of the best restaurants from the most popular cities in India, and try your hand at them to fulfill the desires of your taste-buds?

Author Bio:
Rohit is a travel writer who posts regularly on TransIndiaTravels.com from his various travelling adventures. These blogs give an insight into the most attractive aspects of the places he has visited.

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