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Welcome to my travel hack resource center! Nobody likes clicking around the web for hours especially when the goal is to get outdoors and explore. So to save you time, I've put this list together of great brands, organizations, and websites that have helped me save money, so I can spend it on things I enjoy more like gelato and empanadas.


This is my first choice for checking airfare. They include a lot of the budget airlines too that Kayak or Expedia ignore. With that said, I cross reference what I find on Skyscanner with them just to double check.

Wow Air
Iceland is becoming a popular destination and for good reason. It's beautiful! Wow Air flights are super cheap from North America and Europe, but you're not in a crappy airplane. I flew from Boston to Reykjavik, Iceland and had a great flight. I highly recommend them.


A Thai friend told me about Agoda when I was in Bangkok and it's hands down the best hotel booking site in Asia. The largest variety from luxurious suites to guesthouses. They list hotels around the world, but if you going to spend time in Asia, look here first.

Feel at home when you're not at home. Airbnb have rental apartments across the globe whether you are staying one night, the weekend, or even a few weeks. I've used them in 5 different countries and counting. By using this link to sign up for AirBnB, you’ll get $25 off your first stay!

I love Couchsurfing. How it works is locals offer their homes to you while you travel so you can save money, but mainly so you can exchange cultures. It's kind of like Airbnb but there is no money involved and has much more of a hippy vibe. You exchange messages and info beforehand so you know a little about each other. There's no contracts, just very laid back. And if staying with strangers is not for you, there's meetups and Couchsurfing BBQs all over the world. Budget travelers – it's cheaper than a hostel and safer than sleeping in a park.


It's like an all you can cowork buffet! If you are traveling temporarily to a city or are new to a city and searching for a new cowork home, this allows to sample and work different spaces. (Although currently those places need to be in either Austin, Chicago, Denver, LA, or NYC but that will expand soon!) Insider tip: There's coupons out there so give it a quick Google before you pay full price!

Wifi Tribe
Can you work remotely? The Wifi Tribe is an awesome bunch of young entrepreneurs and remote professionals doing a co-living world tour. I co-lived/worked with the tribe in Bolivia. They're legit. Email me I can put you directly introduce you to the founders!

WeWork is an international coworking and startup hub. I've been to multiple WeWork locations and surrounding yourselves with creatives is much better than doing freelance computer work in isolation. You can set up a tour first at a location near you and work there for free for the day to see if you like the vibe and environment. Payment is month to month so there's no commitment.

Creative work

Creative Market
As a nomadic graphic designer and blogger, it's important for me to use great fonts and imagery. Creative Market is perfect for finding trendy, inspirational designs and photos that you can use for your own creative projects at a very affordable cost. Click here to visit the Nomad+Camera stock photography shop!

Learning abroad

Dominican University
I did their London study abroad program for a semester. Best. Semester. Ever.


Regardless if you're a full time photographer or you do it as your side hustle, this is the service I use for client galleries, mobile apps, contracts, and more. And they take ZERO commissions from my sales, which is awesome! It's a subscription based service so you just pay for the plan that's right for you. But even if you are just starting out, they have super affordable rates. It's free to create an account. You can even connect to national printer companies so even if you are on the road, your clients can still get their prints on time.


Zero to Travel
My favorite travel podcast. It's inspiring, empowering, and bursting with travel insight. Jason interviews some truly amazing guests on his show. A must listen for travel nerds.

Six Figure Photography
Awesome photography-based podcast, especially for wedding photographers but there's great content for any level photographer.

transferring money internationally

This is a must for any digital nomad or frequent traveler doing business on the go. If you have bank accounts in multiple countries, this is the fastest and cheapest way to legally transfer money to yourself or others different currencies. While US Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros are the most popular transferred currencies, they have several different country's currencies available and continue to expand.

Travel insurance

World Nomad Travel Insurance
Recommended by Lonely Planet and backpackers alike. It's cheap, it's online, and they have great customer service. I've been using them since 2013. Don't leave home without travel insurance!

nomad+camera disclaimer

If you found this page helpful, please consider using the links provided. I will receive a small commission on some of the resources listed, but it will not cost you any extra (and it helps me keep this site running!). All the organizations I mention here I believe in and use myself.